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Clash Mini

240 reviews
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Play with tiny Clash of Clans characters

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Clash Mini is a strategy game that gives you the chance to take part in battles featuring the famous characters from the Clash universe. However, in this title, you'll find tiny versions of the warriors for you to place around the grid on the screen.

In Clash Mini, you'll need to place all the members of your team on the board strategically to face your rivals. You'll need to create balanced lines of attack and defense to do as much damage as possible to the enemy squadron on each turn. Once you've marked the position of the small warriors, you'll tap the combat button and see if your chosen strategy is successful or not.

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The graphics in Clash Mini lets you watch each battle play out in 3D from a top-down perspective. With a vertical orientation, the unlocked heroes are always available at the bottom of the screen. This way you will always have the option of adjusting your strategies to cause as much damage as possible to your opponents on each turn. Plus, as you play, you'll get new resources and attacks that you'll be able to use throughout each level.

Clash Mini brings you the essence of Supercell's Clash universe, but with different representations of the characters. With a miniature appearance, you'll need to place these adorable characters on the board wisely in order to win each battle. If you're successful, you'll be able to beat players from all around the world as you strengthen your groups of heroes.

Reviewed by Carlos Martínez Translated by Uptodown Localization Team

Requirements (Latest version)

  • Android 8.0 or higher required

Frequent questions

When was Clash Mini released?

Clash Mini was released April 6, 2021. This Supercell mobile game was released in beta in select countries: Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland.

How do I find friends on Clash Mini?

To find friends on Clash Mini, you'll need the player tag for the person you want to find. Enter it to contact them. You can also find them via the game itself if you've recently played a game together.

How do I play Clash Mini with friends?

To play Clash Mini with friends, select the informal modes, then tap the house icon to create the Mini Room. From there, you can create your own game. You can also join a friend's game by entering the room code.

Where can I download Clash Mini?

You can download Clash Mini from Google Play or Uptodown if you have an Android device. If you use iOS, you can download this Supercell game from the App Store. No matter where you find this PvP game, you'll enjoy playing it.

Information about Clash Mini 1.2592.6

Package Name com.supercell.clashmini
License Free
Op. System Android
Category Strategy
Language English
47 more
Author Supercell
Downloads 6,456,047
Date Jan 23, 2024
Content Rating +7
Advertisement Not specified
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Older versions

apk 1.2592.3 Android + 8.0 Dec 12, 2023
xapk 1.2592.1 Android + 8.0 Dec 7, 2023
apk 1.2300.5 Android + 8.0 Aug 21, 2023
apk 1.2300.1 Android + 8.0 Aug 16, 2023
apk 1.2084.6 Android + 5.0 Apr 13, 2023
apk 1.2084.2 Android + 4.4 Mar 30, 2023

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240 reviews


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fatvioletpeach34767 icon
1 month ago


amazingorangecamel70249 icon
4 days ago

It's very good, the only bad thing is that they aren't going to add more new things.

proudgoldenjackal18777 icon
2 months ago


bigwhiteanchovy68648 icon
3 months ago

👍🏿 good

grumpyorangeelephant60853 icon
3 months ago

The game doesn't load, it stays at 50 percent, does anyone know why?

youngbluefrog3418 icon
3 months ago

Just super duper CLASS?


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